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Last Updated 01/13/2021!

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On the outside I may look like the typical "girl next door", but I have a dirty little secret... a panty fetish!

pant·ies (noun)
Pronounced 'pan(t)eez
Short underpants worn by women and girls. Made from various fabrics in numerous styles.

Just saying the word panties gets my pussy all puffy and wet... What exactly is my panty fetish? Well, not only do I love wearing various sexy styles, fabrics and colors of panties, but I get pleasure from others enjoying & interacting with me having adventures while wearing them and showing them off to you all. I'm a very outdoorsy person, especially the beach and ocean! Whenever I leave the house my panties are always at the forefront of my thoughts.

You will notice I wear a mask and may be asking yourself why... well it's all apart of the fun and leaves my identity a little bit more mysterious. That and as a professional, getting caught could mean a day job! It's actually a bit of a turn on knowing I could get caught though! ;)

So come take a peek in my panty drawer and join me on my panty adventures. Life's too short to not live out your fantasies! I can't wait to hear from you all so please let me know your thoughts! :)

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