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A nice gentleman who recently purchased my previously enjoyed panties stated that he would love to see me in some boy shorts! I was happy to oblige! Funny thing is that I haven't worn boy shorts since I was about 13-14. I was embarassed that my untrimmed pubic hair would be visible if I wore regular panties. Thankfully I soon learned about shaving my pussy and keeping it nice and neat. Now that I've had the chance to wear boy shorts again, I am reminded of growing up and also how comfrotable they are! ;)

This pair of light blue boy shorts are cotton and soooo comfy. I was VERY turned on by this shoot thinking of my teens... ohhh the memories! Wet spot is genuine, don't believe it, buy a pair and you'll know it's real ;)  Click here to buy these!

Here is a sample of the 647 pics from this set that are all in my Club area. Enjoy!

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